A Tree Without Leaves

Tünde Mézes

Event info

Srdečně zveme na výstavu “A Tree Without Leaves” maďarské umělkyně Tünde Mézes, která proběhne ve čtvrtek 16. 5. 2024 od 19.00 v City Surfer Office.
Kurátorka: Světlana Malinová
Výstava: 17. 5.-30. 5. 2024 – po předchozí domluvě
We cordially invite you to the opening of the exhibition “A Tree Without Leaves” by Hungarian artist Tünde Mézes on Thursday, May 16th from 7pm at City Surfer Office.
Curator: Světlana Malinová
Duration of the exhibition: 17. 5.-30. 5. 2024 – by appointment

It seems that everything can be described in a single sentence. Every complex idea is interchangeable with an abstract statement, big words or evergreen truths. Somehow we must have come to this point, but I have no ability to follow the sequence of events and decipher these codes. I cannot see behind the statement. Everything is literal, but nothing is clear. I’m a tree without leaves, an unfinished analogy.
Please read me carefully…

Tünde Mézes (1992) is a visual artist living and working in Budapest, Hungary. She is currently a PhD student at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts and recently spent a semester at the Doctoral School of the AVU. Her research focuses on the processes of reception and understanding of text-based artworks. In her installations she recontextualises everyday objects, forms and text fragments, generating contradictory processes of interpretation, misunderstanding and understanding.